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Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile
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  • Version 4.8
  • System Android & IOS
  • Developer Behaviour Interactive
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About the Game:

Prepare for a heart-pounding journey into the realm of horror with “Dead by Daylight,” an asymmetrical survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. In this intense and atmospheric experience, players find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse, where one player assumes the role of a ruthless killer, while the others strive to survive and escape the nightmarish trials.

The core gameplay of “Dead by Daylight” centers around a 4v1 multiplayer setup. Four players take on the roles of Survivors, desperately trying to outwit and evade the fifth player, the Killer. The environment is procedurally generated, creating a variety of maps and scenarios that add to the game’s suspense.

As a Survivor, your goal is to repair a set number of generators scattered throughout the map to power the exit gates and make your escape. The catch? The Killer is relentlessly pursuing you, using their unique abilities and relentless determination to catch and sacrifice the Survivors to the Entity—a mysterious and malevolent force that feeds on despair.

Dead by Daylight Mobile for Android & iOS:

Playing as the Killer provides a different perspective, offering a powerfully menacing presence. Each Killer has their own distinct abilities and playstyle, ranging from supernatural entities to iconic horror figures. The thrill of stalking, hunting, and ultimately capturing the Survivors is heightened by the game’s atmospheric design and soundscapes.

“Dead by Daylight” emphasizes strategy and teamwork for Survivors. Communication, collaboration, and stealth are essential to outsmarting the Killer and completing objectives. On the flip side, the Killer must strategize and employ their unique abilities to track, capture, and sacrifice the Survivors before they can escape.

The game’s progression system introduces customization options for both Survivors and Killers. Unlockable perks, items, and add-ons enhance characters’ abilities, allowing for varied and dynamic gameplay. The ever-expanding roster of Killers and Survivors, drawn from both original concepts and popular horror franchises, adds diversity and excitement to each match.

Regular updates and expansions keep the gameplay fresh, introducing new maps, characters, and features. The developers actively engage with the community, fostering a dedicated player base and ensuring that “Dead by Daylight” remains a dynamic and evolving horror experience.

Visually, “Dead by Daylight” captures the dark and chilling atmosphere of classic horror settings. The game’s immersive sound design, coupled with tense moments of suspense and sudden terror, contributes to an experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Whether you find yourself fleeing from the relentless pursuit of a Killer or relishing the role of the relentless force seeking prey, “Dead by Daylight” delivers an intense and chilling multiplayer horror experience that keeps players coming back for more, making it a standout title in the genre.

Dead by Daylight Mobile
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